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Basic Rules

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Basic Rules

Post  Keita on Mon Mar 12, 2012 4:24 am

*Note that these rules are subject to change at any time

Forum Rules
---- Respecting the other members on the site is important, meaning that any offensive language, taunting, or anything that could be considered rude will result in warnings, kicks, and bans if you continue the actions or speech.

---- If you have a serious problem with another member, then please contact a staff member, and they will take care of it for you. Please don't make the situation worse by trying to get some sort of revenge on them for messing with you.

---- If someone makes clear or stupid mistakes, such as spelling incorrectly often, or even posting something that would never get approved, please do not call them on it constantly. The staff members are here for a reason.

---- Spamming is frowned upon in most forums, keep this to the spam section. Spamming is not simply posting the same thing over and over again, this goes to many things. This includes posting one liners, such as "ok, wtf? kk, etc", posting in a topic that has been inactive for over a month, and double posting. Double posting is something that isn't as harshly enforced, but is still frowned upon.

---- Please do not pester staff to check your applications, that is what bumping is for. You may bump a topic every 48 hours if it isn't checked. If it isn't checked in around a week or so, then you may contact a staff member, but try to do so in the chat, if you can.

---- This is a PG-13 roleplaying forum, meaning that cursing is okay, but try to censor it, and continued use of foul language will result in warnings, and bans if it is too great. This also means that sexual posts can be implied, but please do not post anything that could be considered X-rated, or even rated R. This is mostly an action RP, not an erotic one.

Roleplay Rules
---- No Godmodding; this means that you can't control what any other characters do. This is up to them, they can't control your characters either.

---- No Metagaming; this means that you make your characters no something that they wouldn't know. This is a bit harder to define, as it is tricky. An example would be if someone was hiding in the sewers, and your character can't sense power levels. This would mean that you would have no way of knowing that he was in the sewers. This can be stretched to almost anything dealing with adding knowledge to your character that they shouldn't have.

---- Death can happen very easily in the dragonball z world, and almost anywhere. If you do not wish to have any chance of dying in a topic, please mark it as NK or No Killing. This could also be stretched into No Maiming either, so you wouldn't have limbs or eyes taken out/off. Remember, this is DBZ, meaning that there are plenty of ways for you to go back to the land of the living.

---- Energy Levels will expand with your character, meaning certain people will have more energy than others, some will have less. This means that you can not simply spam all of your abilities(unless you are an android) all the time without some rest. This would be a form of godmodding. Each move will cost an amount of Ki, and you will have a maximum Ki to use.

Character Rules
---- Be original. It's alright if you play an homage to your favorite character, but do NOT be an exact copy. This is an all custom site, meaning no canon characters will be allowed. With that being said, it is perfectly fine to have any of the canon abilities, such as the Solar Flare or the Kamehameha Wave.

---- You are allowed multiple characters, but to get the chance to make a 2nd character, you must be active with your current character for at least 2 months. Then for a third character you must wait an additional month of being active. After this, there is no limit, as you will have proved that you can be active.


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