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Power Levels and Ki

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Power Levels and Ki

Post  Keita on Mon Mar 12, 2012 7:24 pm

*Note: these are subject to change at any time due to balancing reasons

Power Levels

---- Power levels are a gauge that keeps track and dictates how strong your character is. Everyone starts off on an equal footing of 500 PL, or Power Level. This grows as you roleplay with people and gain strength with your character. This also dictates how much stronger you are than others.

---- Power Level determines your strength, speed, and any other stats. Being a more free form RP, these stats won't be written down, you just have to use your best judgement when roleplaying. If you are a more speed oriented person, then you might not be stronger than someone else, even if you have a higher power level.

---- To determine how much better your character is than another's, there is a simple chart

  • Under 5,000 PL - there isn't going to be a ridiculous amount of difference between your abilities and those within the same class as you, unless there is a difference of 2,000 PL or more between you

  • 5,000 to 10,000 PL - Same as before, unless they have over 3,000 more PL than you, you still stand a chance

  • 10,000 - 20,000 PL - The difference here has to be 5,000 or more to not stand a chance

  • 20,000 - 50,000 PL - 10,000 difference

  • More will be added as necessary, but you get the overall point.

Ki Rules

---- Ki is the energy that you use to form techniques, such as the Solar Flare or the Kamehameha Wave. Techniques will cost a certain amount of Ki, and your character will get progressively weaker in terms of exhaustion when they are low on Ki.

---- Everyone has a Ki Level equal to 1/10th of their Power level naturally, and certain things(such as special items or Characteristics) can increase you Ki Guage.

---- When you reach 30% or below on your Ki gauge, you start feeling fatigued. This will make you slower and weaker. If you drop below 15%, you will become a lot weaker, and will be moving and hitting at half effectiveness. If you reach 5%, you will most likely pass out, and 0% means that you are in critical condition. If you attempt to go into the negatives, your character will die.


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