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Post  Keita on Mon Mar 12, 2012 7:55 pm

---- Characteristics are special things about your character that make them unique. This could mean a particular color of their Ki, larger Ki pool, physically stronger, and can even branch off into things such as being famous, rich, smart, etc.

---- Characteristics cost PAC, much like anything else, and the cost will be decided by the staff members based on how strong the characteristic is.

---- Characteristics can only be as strong as your character, so don't be angry if a staff member thinks a characteristic is too strong for you to have, they will help you tone it down and make sure it is just right for your character

---- There is a limit of how many characteristics one can have, based on the PL of a person. A person may start with 1, and gets an additional one every 5,000 PL until they reach 10,000. this means that they will have 3 by that time. They can then gain one every 20,000 PL, until 50,000. This means that will have 5. This is the maximum number they can have, unless a Contest or Quest gains them another

---- Characteristics can be upgraded when your character gains power for the cost of additional PAC. This means that your weak characteristic from when you started can be upgraded to give a stronger boost

---- Characteristics can be replaced, if you feel that you no longer need one. This will cost the full price of getting another characteristic, so it will be much more expensive than simply upgrading a current one. Characteristics gained by contests or Quests may not be scrapped.

Name: The name of your special characteristic. this could be an obvious name, such as Monster Strength, or something a little more clever.
Power Level Needed: The Power Level that is needed to utilize this characteristic. Stronger ones can only be used if your character has a large Power Level.
Range: This is for the case of things such as sensing another's power level, or perhaps even hiding your own.
Description: What does it do exactly? Does it make your character faster but weaker? Stronger but slower? Does it give you the power to talk to animals, or even sense the evil in people? Details are very very important.
Toggle: Can this be turned off and on? In the case of strength, it would be no, in the case of hiding your presence it would be yes.
Ki Per Post: This is for the case of things that can be toggled. Anything that can be turned on and gives an advantage should cost Ki. This will be filled in by a staff member if applicable.

[b]Power Level Needed:[/b]
[b]Ki Per Post:[/b]


The following example would be of a very early Characteristic, from a starting character.

Name: Power Sensing
Power Level Needed: 500+
Range: 1 mile
Description: The user can close their eyes, and hone in on the power levels of other strong beings. This means that they can find other PCs(player characters) if they are within the range and can not hide their presence.
Toggle: Yes
Ki Per Post: 5

Now this one would be the same characteristic, upgraded to someone with around 50,000 PL

Name: One with All
Power Level Needed: 50,000+
Range: Galaxy
Description: The user can simply concentrate, and sense any life forms within their galaxy. Stronger ones can be sensed out a lot easier, but no one is safe. If someone is hiding their presence, but their power level is 10,000 or more below the user's, this technique can still root them out.
Toggle: Yes
Ki Per Post: 500


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