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Techniques and Abilities

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Techniques and Abilities

Post  Keita on Mon Mar 12, 2012 8:25 pm

Basic Technique Rules

---- Techniques and abilities are the special powers that everyone possesses, and are your killer attacks in fighting and such. They can also be considered anything that isn't just a regular old ki blast. This includes things such as the Solar Flare and Destructo Disc

---- Techniques need to follow the template provided, and they all cost Ki, minus the basics will be provided in the character application guide. How much they cost in Ki will be decided by how powerful the technique is. Staff reserves the right to ask you to alter the Ki Cost at anytime.

---- Techniques can be anything from high speed flight, to a giant ball of energy that sets fire to an entire planet, it all comes down to the originality of the user, and the power level of their character

---- Canon techniques are allowed here, and are going to be placed into a specific template, so that no one has the same technique that can do different things. If you know of a canon technique that we do not have, feel free to PM a staff member so that we can correct it.

---- Your character can start with any combination of 5 Techniques and or Items, meaning you can have 5 techniques and no items for example.

Power Ups

---- Power Ups are treated a little differently than most techniques, as they have a lot stricter policy for approval. Techniques that power your character up can do any number of things, but the most common is to add a staggering amount of Power Level to your character for a short time.

---- All Power Ups need drawbacks to using them equivalent to the increase, such as the Kaioken technique, that increases your Power Level very high, but prolonged use will leave you unable to defend yourself

---- Power Ups will have a maximum increase in Power Level, based on your own Power Level. You can only gain 50% of your maximum Power Level using a Power Up technique, and this sort of Power Up would cost a lot, and most likely not last long at all

---- Only 1 power up can be used at a time, meaning you can not stack them, no matter what. Your character may have different Power Up techniques, however.

---- Your character may NOT start off with any Power Up techniques


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