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Item and Weapon Rules

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Item and Weapon Rules

Post  Keita on Mon Mar 12, 2012 8:56 pm

Basic Item Rules

---- Items are anything that could be considered special, such as a laser gun or some sort of bomb. Common items, such as ear rings or things that anyone could find laying around do not need to be bought.

---- Items can be almost anything, from a set of fusion ear rings to a flying nimbus cloud, but just like techniques, they can only be as strong as your character, and the staff members will decide what is or isn't approvable.

---- The most Common items are Capsules, which allow you to carry a much larger item with you, and to simply click the capsule, which will reveal your item. Capsules should be included in the description of your item (i.e. this item is kept in a capsul in his pocket), and do not need to be paid for individually(unless you would like an empty capsule to store things you find IC, or in character).

Senzu Beans

---- Senzu beans are items that can completely restore your character to full health and Ki, which means that they are heavily regulated, and there are special ways to receive them.

---- Senzu beans are usually given away in contests, or you can receive individual ones by completing an appropriate quest. You may only have 3 Senzu Beans at one time, and can only use one of them per topic.

---- This also branches out to things that are similar to Zenzu beans, that can heal you, such as Frieza's space ship finding his body and healing him using cybernetics. You may only have a maximum of 3 of these items, in any combination meaning if you have 3 Beans, you may not have any other full heal items, and vice versa.

---- Any full healing items will need to be gained through a special Quest, or through a contest.

---- Senzu Beans can also be grown by certain people, meaning that certain people can simply spend PAC to gain a Bean. These special people will be allowed to give their beans away to others for IC favors, but can not charge PAC for them.

---- Your character may NOT start with any Senzy Beans, under any circumstance

Stat Boosting Items

---- Stat boosting items are items that of course, act as a steroid for your character for a short time. These can enhance strength, speed, regeneration, or any number of things you care to think of. Depending on the power of the items, they can be used a number of times in a topic. If it is something very powerful, it will most likely be limited to once per topic.

---- Stat boosting items can NOT be used in conjunction with a power up technique, and can not be used by certain races.

---- Your character may start out with 1 weak stat boosting item


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