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Quests and Technique Training

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Quests and Technique Training

Post  Keita on Mon Mar 12, 2012 9:22 pm

Quests and How to Get them

---- Quests are essentially jobs or tasks that you do, in order to gain something in return. This can be something as simply as stopping an NPC villain, to finding and obtaining a Dragonball

---- Quests always have some sort of PAC value that you can win after the quest is complete, as long as you succeed. There will be pre-created Quests, and if you gain enough power to become a Leader of some sort of group(think the Ginyu Force), then you may create missions for your subordinates

---- Quests will have their own section, where you will post whether you want a certain one, or you would like to turn in a Quest to get the rewards. It will be as simple as posting the link, and whoever was on the mission.

---- A lot of Quests will also have a counter-Quest. This is a Quest that is meant to stop you from completing yours. These Quests will prevent you from posting up a Private in your topic, and some advanced Quests might even have a chance of death for your character(such as the wild search for a Dragonball)

Training a Technique

---- Techniques are primarily bought with PAC, but if you would like to skip that for whatever reason, you can also post up a topic with a number of words, describing how you trained for that technique

---- The topic is considered a solo topic, so simply posting a [Training] on the topic can equal a Private and No Killing tag all in one

---- If you would like to train with someone, you may, and can either choose to split the combined word totals, or split them up based on your individual posts

Hyperbolic Time Chamber

---- To enter the Time Chamber, you must use a special Time Voucher. These Time Vouchers are given away as Quest prizes, and given away in contests.

---- In the Time Chamber, you can choose to RP with someone, to gain a large amount of PAC, or if you don't have anyone to RP with who has another Voucher, you may also train word counts.

---- Topics in the Time Chamber are worth 2x the normal PAC value, and 3x the normal word count value


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