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Character Guide

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Character Guide

Post  Keita on Tue Mar 13, 2012 2:56 am

This guide is going to take you through the basics of making your very first character, and will give you tips and tricks to make sure you have a quick and hopefully pianless approval process.

Basic Information:


This one is really simple, what is your character's name. We would prefer it if you placed the surname(or last name) first, followed by the first name. You can also put in a nickname after the original name if you'd like.


This one is a bit more difficult depending on the Race you have chosen. This can be anywhere, as the world of Dragon Ball is filled with all shapes, sized, and ages. Just try to stick with something believable(there is no 1 year old humans going out there and beating up 400 year old nameks)


Again, rather simple, male or female. This can be none or unknown if you are a Buu type demon or an alien race with no gender.


This one is up to you. There is a topic specifically for describing your race [url=Link needed]here[ /url]


This is what your character looks like. Say something such as body build, hair type, color, etc. This should be a solid 2 paragraphs at least describing what they look like.


Your character's personality. What makes them tick? Are they psychopathic and like to murder people, or are they the gallant hero that saves the day? Perhaps they are simply a mysterious drifter that prefers to be left alone? This should be 2 solid paragraphs as well.

Power Level:

This one should be 500


This is the section where you choose your specialization. Is your character more of a Speedy character? Devoted to raw Strength? Perhaps they are Balanced? This is a simply clarification that simply dictates that you are focused more towards one thing, so that you can't go back and forth between being extremely speedy and then hitting like a truck.


Power Level Needed:
Ki Per Post:

You start with one of these, and this is the thing that makes your character very unique. Detailed info can be found HERE


Power Level Needed:
Ki Cost:

Your character's arsenal of techniques used for fighting. The rules about these and how many you may have is found HERE



Anything from a sword to an entire house stuck into a capsule. Details about items can be found HERE

History and RP Sample:

Rp Sample:

This is where you put down your character's history, and a brief sample of how your posts will look once you start posting on the site. The History should be about 3 paragraphs or more in length, and it would be appreciated if you separated them into Arcs. Try a Birth Arc, describing how your character came to be, a Power Awakening Arc, describing how your character discovered s/he could sly around and shoot energy blasts, and a third arc, describing what they had been doing since they discovered their power, whether it be training or robbing people.

History is usually private, meaning most others won't know anything about your history, unless you both put down that you were around the same public place for a long period of time, such as a High School or same Namekian Village. Also, if you put down that you did something incredibly flashy, or that you were a famous singer, expect people to know about you.

The Role Playing Sample is simply a gauge of what your average post is going to be like, so we can judge your abilities. We want this to be at least 150 words if you can. Don't be a show off either, unless you are going to consistently pump out 1.5K word walls of text every post, don't put it here.


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